Professor Tatsuo Nunoshiba Joins Forum on Environmental Education


ICU’s Professor Tatsuo Nunoshiba was part of a forum on environmental education sponsored by Benesse Corporation. The forum was held on 12 March and dealt specifically with the question of what kind of environmental studies education does society need today and how can businesses, NPOs, schools and the government work together to support the planet.

OISCA, Whole Earth Nature School, Shiseido, Benesse and other groups presented case studies in the first part of the forum, which dealt with putting distinctive environmental education into practice. After this, Professor Nunoshiba presented activities at ICU in which students, faculty and staff work together for a sustainable campus. These activities developed out of the 60th Anniversary Project’s event “Environmental Studies Workshop: Student Proposals for Achieving an ‘Eco Campus’,” which itself was the result of group projects in the ICU general education course “Environmental Studies.” In his presentation, Professor Nunoshiba demonstrated how students learn through the university’s major in environmental studies, which is based on its liberal arts education, and through activities of the Sustainable Campus Committee’s student working group.

Following the presentations there was a panel discussion on what is needed to work cooperatively to establish environmental education in the future.

The forum had approximately 100 attendees, drawn principally from individuals working in the area of corporate social responsibility.