Dr. Mohau Pheko, Ambassador of South Africa to Japan, Speaks at ICU


Dr. Mohau Pheko, Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa to Japan, spoke at ICU on the subject of education in Africa. Her lecture was sponsored by ICU’s Institute for Educational Research and Service and was held in the Dialogue House’s International Conference Room on 18 February 2013.

Dr. Pheko began her lecture by establishing problems unique to Africa and comparing the current situation in Africa with that in other parts of world in such areas as the percent of the population that completes elementary, middle and higher education, the amount of government money spent on research, the number of patents obtained through research and other research results, and the rates of malaria and HIV infection. She went on to talk about Africa’s future prospects and the need to transform its economy from one centered on exporting resources to one based on intellectual and technical work, in particular the need for commitment to aerospace, energy, bio- and information technologies as well as a response to climate change. Dr. Pheko emphasized intellectual exchange with Japan as key to realizing these goals.

After her talk, students had many questions for the ambassador, who gave her time generously to address each in detail.