Kokagakuen High School Wins "ICU Prize" at "Science Castle"


On 21 December 2013 the company "Leave a Nest, Co. Ltd." held the event "Science Castle in Tokyo" at the Sumida Sangyo Kaikan. "Science Castle" gives a platform to junior and senior high school students to present their own research in the natural sciences and works to cultivate the next generation of scientists. The event offers an "ICU Prize" for excellence as a way for ICU to contribute to budding scientists' research.

Responsible for the judging were ICU Professors Makito Kobayashi (biology/environmental studies) Tatsuo Nunoshiba (biology/environmental studies) and Hideki Okamura (physics). They based their decision on the following criteria: research was conducted in a field of applied sciences; if realized, research could contribute to society; research was conducted with a unique approach, and; researchers showed enthusiasm for their project. The award was ultimately given to a group of students from Kokagakuen High School who studied radioactive shielding with everyday materials.

Science Castle is planned again for December 2014.

"ICU will continue to support research conducted by junior and high school students."