Visitor Lecture for promoting students health


A university group devoted to promoting students health (the "Gakusei no Kenko wo Kangaeru Kai") and the Committee for the Prevention of Substance Abuse worked together to offer an open lecture on the subject of "protecting yourself and your friends from drugs." The lecture was given by Toshihiko Matsumoto, head of research on diagnosis and therapy at the National Institute of Mental Health (division of research on substance dependence) and also deputy director of the Center for Suicide Prevention.

Mr. Matsumoto talked about the different kinds of drugs, their negative health implications, numerous research results, and the many ways students can easily find themselves involved in drug use. He discussed how being aware of small changes in your friends' behavior is important in protecting you and your friends from the dangers of drug use. He emphasized that students shouldn't face feelings of confusion alone and should remember that they should try talking to someone. The lecture presented various information that elicited numerous questions from students.

In addition to lectures, ICU also engages in other drug prevention activities during new student orientation and through posters on campus bulletin boards.