Chilean Television Interviews Flower Arranging Club


Chilean Television interviewed ICU's Flower Arranging Club. Kaori Parra Tsunekawa, a Chilean of Japanese extraction, came to Japan for the first time and explored her roots through Japanese culture by experiencing flower arrangement in the Chilean television show "Blood is thicker than water."

Kaori experienced flower arranging together with club member Yohei Ozaki (CLA '14), learned from the club's teacher Kae Kaneko that every action in flower arranging has meaning, and was impressed with the depth of flower arrangement.

Ozaki said, "Like we did today, it is by no means unusual to teach flower arranging to people from abroad. I think this is especially characteristic of ICU. The members of our club discover similarities and differences between Japan and other countries and rediscover the appeal of flower arranging, which we do through campus events and interactions with international students and other non-Japanese visitors to the campus. We can do this because ICU provides an environment where it is possible to be conscious of connections to the world in our daily student life and accept people from other countries. I was able to once more feel how wonderful it is to spend time and have fun with people from other countries through flower arranging."