ICU 2014 Spring Commencement Ceremony


On March 26, ICU granted degrees to 497 undergraduate students and 35 graduate students. During the ceremony in the University Chapel, the 532 graduating students received diplomas from Deans of the College of Liberal Arts, Professor Tatsuhiko Itoh and Dean of the Graduate School, Professor Teruyoshi Sasaki and shook hands with President Junko Hibiya.

In her congratulatory address, President Hibiya encouraged the graduating class: "Your social sphere will constantly expand over traditional boundaries. You need to keep learning on your own to keep up with the changes as a pathfinder for global problems. As the word commencement epitomizes, today marks the beginning of a new start in your pursuit of learning. Do make the most of your foundation cultivated at ICU in your mission to pursue new ideas."

Mr. Kakutaro Kitashiro, Chair of the Board of Trustees, addressed the graduates: "The purpose of my life has been to make use of my ability to help others and serve society. I hope everyone can make use of their diverse talents to contribute to society."

During the ceremony, Professor Kazuko Tanaka (sociology and gender/sexuality studies) and her team of ICU alumni and 5 ICU students received the Friends of ICU Award, in recognition for their translation of a series of lectures delivered by Minamata disease victims: "Unfinished Business: What We Still Don't Know About Minamata Disease."


For information about the translated Minamata lectures, contact

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