Student Peer Advisors Host "Invitation to ICU"

Update´╝ÜFebruary 12, 2015

On February 4, 2015 (Wed.), ICU Brothers and Sisters (IBS), student peer advisors working under ICU's Academic Planning Center (APC), which oversees academic support, hosted the campus event "Invitation to ICU" with the support of APC. This event introduced education and student life at ICU to ICU High School students.

IBS planned the event in order to communicate the differences between high school and university education as well as ICU's liberal arts education and student life to ICU High School students, who usually do not have opportunities to come to the university campus despite the high school adjoining the university.

Approximately 90 ICU High School students participated in the event. First, they toured the university campus and facilities. Afterward, IBS gave an overview of ICU and held a panel discussion to share their experiences before enrollment, after enrollment, and selecting post-graduation paths. In addition, Senior Associate Professor Kei Nasu (Major: History) and Associate Professor Junji Kobayashi (Major: Chemistry) each introduced differences between high school learning and university learning as well as the advantages of learning at ICU, mixing in stories of their research and areas of expertise.

The participants gave feedback such as: "I became aware of the merits of learning at ICU as well as its uniqueness, and I became interested in ICU classes"; "I was able to learn things not mentioned during Open Campus, and it was a lot of fun."