Seoul Women's University students' service learning activity briefing session and farewell party held

Update´╝ÜFebruary 17, 2015

On February 13 (Fri.), a briefing session by and farewell party for four Seoul Women's University students were held. The students had been conducting community service activities at daycare centers, welfare institutions, elementary schools, and junior high schools in Mitaka, Tokyo for approximately one month through ICU's Service Learning Center.

At the briefing session, each student gave a report covering the following three topics: service learning activities, life at ICU, and contacts with Japanese culture. From the dynamic slides containing many visuals, it was possible to see how enriching their activities in Japan were. The students made remarks such as: "I thought that though the environments in which we have grown up and our cultures differ, what makes us happy and what makes us grateful are the same"; "I experienced everyone's warmth, and I only have words of gratitude." In addition, ICU students participating in the session asked questions such as: "Is there anything in which you became interested as a result of conducting the service learning activities?"; "Did you discover any problems in Japan or South Korea?" Various views were also exchanged.

Conversations between the Seoul Women's University students and ICU students continued, and everyone had a delightful time.