"Tobitate! Ryugaku Japan: Japan Representative Program" ICU Students Participate in Send-Off Party for Second Students to be Sent Abroad

Update´╝ÜMarch 11, 2015

On Sunday March 1st, the cooperative study abroad assistance program by public-private sectors, held a send-off party for the second term exchange students called the""Tobitate! Ryugaku Japan: Japan Representative Program"at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). Ms. Sena Sakai (3rd year student), who was selected during the screening process for the second term exchange students, joined this event.

This second stage scholarship system that started in 2014, is intended for students through high school to graduate school who start their exchange program abroad during the period of April 1st through October 31st this year. Out of 110 schools within 43 prefectures in Japan, 256 students were selected for this program.

In this send-off party, university officials and project members of supporting companies, including Hakubunn Shimomura,the Minister of MEXT, gathered together to give speeches to support the exchange program. After that, 4 exchange program representatives gave speeches about their determination towards the exchange program, followed by a gathering for all the people who attended the party.

Ms Sakai selected the "Unique challenge course"for her exchange program. She entered ICU to chase her dreams of becoming an English teacher, who is able to understand and respect individuality. To further pursue her dreams, she is planning on studying abroad at the Republic of Lithuania for 10 months in order to learn the differences between English educations there, and other countries.