ICU 2015 Spring Commencement Ceremony

Update´╝ÜMarch 26, 2015

469 undergraduate students and 23 graduate students graduated from ICU at its spring commencement ceremony held at the University Chapel on Wednesday, 25 March.

At the ceremony, each student's name was read out in keeping with tradition that has continued since the first Commencement ceremony. Students whose names were called received their diplomas - the fruit of four years of learning - on stage and shook hands with President Junko Hibiya.

In her address, President Hibiya Junko told the graduates, "Since you are graduating ICU, which policy is to educate promising individuals to serve God and humankind, I hope that what you have acquired here and what you will learn in society using the acquired skills as a basis, will be a force for good."

Following the president's address, chair of the board of trustees Kitashiro Kakutaro delivered his congratulatory address. Mentioning how ICU's graduates are highly regarded by society, he strongly encouraged the graduates, "Please graduate from ICU with confidence and pride. Each and every one of you is a representative of ICU in society."

Furthermore, during the ceremony, an alumna of ICU, Ms. Masako Deguchi (graduated 1991) was awarded with the "Friends of ICU Award". This award is conferred on ICU students, faculty, staff or others in the university community who has performed remarkable service. Drawing from the experience she gained as a student at ICU from Thai Work Camp and a Study Tour at Philippines, Ms.Deguchi has been contributing to local community for eighteen years through her work as a staff of "Pinatto" (organization established in 1992 to aid the restoration of areas that were damaged by the eruption of Mt.Pinatubo) and"Space Hachinoko" (aiding families of foreigners living in Japan) after graduating. The reasons for the awarding were that these activities set an example for the ICU community, and that it embodies ICU's educational philosophy.