Event held for "Working at International Organizations"

Update:June 2, 2015

On Tuesday May 26, the career guidance session "Working at International Organizations" was held. Mr. Yuya Kinoshita, Recruitment Center For International Organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, talked about the employment systems at International Organizations.

Mr. Kinoshita explained that even though out of 30 thousand staffs who work at International Organizations around the world, the Japanese staff takes up only 2.5%, which is about 800 people, the quality of work that the Japanese people put out is praised. He also explained the work details of people who currently work as an International Organization staff, and the three ways of becoming an employee at International Organizations: looking for vacancy notices, the JPO temporary employment system, and taking the YPP exams.

Furthermore, Mr. Kinoshita talked about in detail how to look for job vacancies, how to set career paths, and how it is important to decide which category of the UN you want to work for.

On the day of the event, more than half of the students that participated were students who just entered the University, and there were also students who participated the same seminar last year, which shows how many students were interested in working at International Organizations.