Job hunting guidance 2015 was held for the second time this year

Update´╝ÜSeptember 18, 2015

On September 4 (Fri), there was an event called "Job Hunting Guidance" (held for the second time), for students who are planning on graduating in June 2016 or March 2017. This event was held in the Diffendorfer Memorial Hall Auditorium at ICU.

This event is held annually around this time of the year. This year, the dean of students, Tatsuo Nunoshiba started the event off with an introduction, followed by a guest speaker's lecture about the newest information and predictions for corporate recruits in 2016,. Later, there were talks from students who had just finished their job hunting this year about the new schedule of job hunting.

A student who finished job hunting mentioned that "When I first started job hunting, I had a difficult time trying to tell the interviewer what I think, but through time, I was able to express myself much better" showing that job hunting does require effort. There was another student who mentioned "It is important to look at different businesses and corporations while job hunting. By doing this, you are able to become interested in businesses that you didn't have in mind before. Also, in order to broaden your views about new businesses, I think it is important to seek help from OB and OGs. I know from experience that it is pretty nerve racking to suddenly contact OB/OG, but they can give you great advice, so you will be able to get valuable information."