Important Notice Regarding the Novel Coronavirus (Part 2)

Update: February 14, 2020

To all students, faculty, and staff members,

Following an outbreak of pneumonia associated with a novel coronavirus that was first detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, the virus has been detected in numerous countries including Japan. Be sure to check the latest information on the following websites and act carefully to protect health and prevent the spread of this outbreak.

As of January 31, 2020, Japanese Government raised the infectious disease warning level for the Chinese mainland to level 2, advising against travel unless for a necessary or urgent purpose. The level for Hubei Province is also raised to level 3, advising against all travel to that area. Japan has also imposed tighter border restrictions, such as denying entry of foreign nationals who have stayed in Hubei or Zhejiang Province. Considering such recent developments, ICU students, faculty, and staff members are in principle prohibited from travelling to China.

The Novel Coronavirus has been classified as a "designated infectious disease" by the Japanese government and is therefore deemed to be a "Class I Infectious Disease" as stipulated in the School Health and Safety Act. If by any chance you have been diagnosed as infected with the disease or are suspected of being infected, please immediately notify the Health Care Office and refrain from coming to the university or place of work until you receive permission to do so from your attending doctor.
New information from the university will be posted on ICU website and portal site as necessary.

World Health Organization

Novel coronavirus pneumonia (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) *In Japanese

Ministry of Foreign Affairs homepage *In Japanese

Infectious Disease Surveillance Center *In Japanese

Junko Hibiya, President

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