Continuation of the Current Restrictions with regard to Campus Entrance

Update: July 10, 2020

To all students, faculty and staff Measures with regard to campus entrance including the gradual lifting of the restrictions was announced on June 1…

Information about COVID-19 infection within the ICU Community

Update: July 3, 2020

We announce the status of infected members of ICU faculty, staff, and students as follows. StatusIdentified onPlace of ResidenceRecent History of E…

Intensive lab and fieldwork courses for summer 2020

Update: June 18, 2020

To faculty members, staff members, and students We would like to report to you that intensive lab and fieldwork courses for summer 2020 will, in princ…

ICU Travel Advisory

Update: June 18, 2020

To all students, faculty and staff ICU's fundamental policy, as issued on March 27, is that students, staff and faculty are, "in principle, forbidde…

Emergency Special Grant for COVID-19 in Autumn Term 2020

Update: May 27, 2020

ICU have started accepting applications for the "Emergency Special Grant COVID-19" for those who are financially affected by the measures against the …

Emergency COVID-19 Fund: Message from the President

Update: May 21, 2020

To all students, In my mail of April 20 (entitled 'A Response to your Questions about Tuition and Facilities Fees'), I stated that ICU would not be of…

ICU Special Donation Appeal
Emergency COVID-19 Fund

Update: May 20, 2020

Hirotaka Takeuchi, Chair of the Board of TrusteesShoichiro Iwakiri, President In an attempt to stop the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), the…

Regarding 2020-2021 Exchange/Study Abroad Programs Starting from 2020 Autumn Term

Update: May 11, 2020

To all students, Given the negative impact caused by the worldwide spread of COVID-19, differing restrictions on entry/departure implemented by natio…

Cancellation of Summer Commencement 2020

Update: April 21, 2020

It has been decided that we will cancel the Commencement Ceremony on June 30th, as a result of careful consideration of the current situation of the n…

Call for attention to prevent the spread of Covid 19

Update: April 14, 2020

To all students, faculty and staff, In order to control the spread of the novel coronavirus, we all need to consider how we can contribute to an end …

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