Why does the university’s name include the word “international”?

Why does the university’s name include the word “international”?

ICU aims to cultivate capable individuals, educated as internationally minded citizens, who will serve both God and people and who will contribute to lasting peace. The "international" remains a crucial part of ICU's identity as it strives to discharge this mission, one that has remained since the university's founding.

With a view to educating internationally minded citizens, ICU proclaimed its commitment to internationalism when it was first dedicated.

"On our campus in Mitaka we will build a community that appreciates the value of different nationalities, races, and cultures. We will welcome faculty members from across the world, use both Japanese and English as the official campus languages, and open our doors to the whole world, without regard for race, nationality, religion, or gender."
This founding principle is upheld to the present day and reflected in ICU's education, faculty profile, and campus environment.