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NEWS ICU Students Visited Delegation of the European Union to Japan as Part of their Coursework

June 13, 2016

On June 9 (Thurs), students attending the course "Politics and International Relations in Europe" taught by Professor Takako Ueta (Major: Politics, International Relations) were invited to the Delegation of the European Union to Japan in Minato-ku Tokyo. The students received a lecture by Viorel Isticioaia-Budura, Ambassador of the European Union to Japan, which was followed by a question-and-answer session (both the lecture and Q&A session were in English without interpretation).

Ambassador Budura gave a lecture in Professor Ueta's class last year too, so this makes two consecutive years that he gave a lecture for the class. This time, he explained how the significance of EU-Japan cooperation and the role of the EU Delegation are changing as the international society becomes increasingly globalized, as well as about issues taking place in EU such as the migrant crisis and the exit of U.K. from the EU in a way comprehensible for the students.

During the question-and-answer session, questions were raised about the relation between EU and Russia and how one should achieve balance between national and global interests. Ambassador Budura graciously responded to each of the questions and commended the students by commenting "These are good questions that have been well thought out by referring to multiple information sources, not just depending on a single medium."