Diversity and symbiosis in the dormitories

About 600 students, or approximately a fifth of the student body, live in dormitories on campus. Students from different nationalities, years and cultural background live together. This global microcosm enables students to grow and cultivate respect for other cultures.

Canada House (for male students) 34
Third Women's Dormitory 40
Fourth Women's Dormitory 32
Global House (Co-ed) 64
Zelkova House (Co-ed) 126
Ginkgo House (Co-ed) 126
Oak House (Co-ed ; for undergraduate and graduate students) 126
Sibley House (for female graduate students and couples) 19
Fourth Dormitory for Male Graduate Student (next to Canada House) 1
Dormitony for Short-Term International Students(for student participating in an affiliated program) 42

Most dorm rooms are double-occupancy; students from different years and cultural backgrounds share a room. Each dormitory is equipped with restrooms, showers or a communal bath, laundry facilities, a social room, study room and a kitchenette. Rooms are furnished with beds, desks, bookshelves, a closet, a chest of drawers, heating and internet access.

Dormitory applications are accepted separately for April and September students. Residents attend regular meetings to work out the daily management of the dormitories, sharing cleaning and other duties. Students learn to cooperate with others from different backgrounds, an experience that enriches their lives and expands their network. Selection for dormitory residence is based on the student's location at the time of application, attitude to communal life and financial situation.

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Off-Campus Housing

ICU consigns the introduction of Off-Campus Housing such as Apartments, Student Dormitories, and Student Apartment Houses (other than homestays) to ICU Service Co., Ltd..

ICU Service, in cooperation with the cooperative agents, makes arrangements to provide beneficial conditions to students who are looking for off-campus residences. Also, ICU Service holds consultation events on-campus together with the cooperative agents.

If you have any inquiries regarding Apartments, Student Dormitories, or Student Apartment Houses, please contact ICU Service.

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