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Credit Bearing Study Abroad Program

The information on this page is as of 2016.

Acquire credits in the abundant options of study abroad programs at ICU.

One of the missions of ICU is internationalization, and toward that end the substantial study abroad programs have considerable merit. The programs are very diverse in form, and it is possible to study in over 20 countries. Students may choose from wide range of options according to their each interest.

With study abroad programs, it is possible to transfer up to a maximum of 40 credits to ICU. As a result, students can participate in these programs in full confidence of still being able to graduate after four years.

» Expansion of English Proficiency
Studying English Abroad (SEA) Program
» Learn fields of interest
UC Summer Sessions, Field Studies in British Culture, French Studies Abroad,
Korea Summer Program, German Summer Program,
Hong Kong Summer Program, Leadership for Change Program in South Africa
» Making the Most of Studying Abroad
International Service Learning, Overseas Teaching Practicum in Japanese
» Furthering the Liberal Arts
Exchange / Study Abroad Program
» Studying in Asia
Korea Summer Program, ACUCA Program, International Service Learning
» Studying in Africa
Leadership for Change Program in South Africa

Number of Students studying abroad by academic year

Study type (broad categories) 2015 2014 2013
Freshman SEA Program 209 193 207
Sophomore SEA Program 30 46 49
UC Summer Sessions 6 13 8
Field Studies in British Culture (2 schools) 7 8 5
French Studies Abroad 21 11 17
Korea Summer Program 5 8 15
German Summer Program* 8 - -
Hong Kong Summer Program* 3 - -
Leadership for Change Program
in South Africa
8 - 7
International Service Learning 27 54 42
Overseas Teaching Practicum in Japanese 6 5 5
Student Exchange Program** 117 124 93

*The German Summer Program and Hong Kong Summer Program starts in 2015.
** Including ACUCA Program.