Every Day is “Global” at ICU.

Global ICU

Go Global Japan Project [2012~2016]

The information on this page is as of 2016.

ICU develop its educational principles to an even higher degree in the following three ways:

1. Further Expansion of English Proficiency.

For talented university graduates to compete successfully in the world, they must first have the necessary linguistic proficiency. To acquire these skills, all April entrants take courses in the English for Liberal Arts Program in their first and second years.

2. Cultivation of the Ability to Convey Information (Writing) through Courses Held in English.

Superlative university graduates today are asked not only to have specialized knowledge in their field but be able to convey that knowledge to others. As such, writing skills are also central to ICU's education. In order to cultivate skills to properly write academic papers in English, some specialized courses led in English are designated as "W-courses," that is, courses that advise students extensively in English thesis writing. While acquiring specialized knowledge in a given field, students also develop necessary academic writing skills.

3. Credit-Bearing Study Abroad Programs as Verification of Educational Objectives

The first confirmation of whether or not a student has truly developed into a globalized individual comes when they actually go to an overseas university, take classes in English, take part in discussions, submit reports, and receive an evaluation of their work. This is the outcome of the educational process at ICU--an objective assessment of the student's ability by an outside institution. The study abroad plans are wide ranging, and studies can be conducted in over 20 different countries. There are thus a great many choices depending on the student's individual learning plan. By diversifying the content and duration of these programs as well as the intervals between them, the student is able to closely control their own learning environment.

In addition, globalization is being promoted at the university in the following manner: International Educational Exchange Office under the direction of university administration; improving the global education of faculties; and deploying staff to promote globalization.