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Studying in Asia

The information on this page is as of 2016.


Korea Summer Program

Lectures in Korea are presented in English by professors drawn from universities all around the world.

In an exchange agreement between ICU and partner institutes in Seoul, it is possible to participate in a six-week summer program at Korea University or Yonsei University. Students can take up to three courses, and the credits acquired from those programs are recognized as ICU credits

Korea University
At the International Summer Campus of Korea University, students can choose from among a wide range of over a hundred courses in business, international relations, the humanities, social studies and science. Lectures are given in English by professors from noted universities around the world, and they are attended every year by 1,400 students from 26 countries in such regions as North America, Europe and Asia.

Yonsei University
At the International Summer School of Yonsei University, a wide range of courses is offered in business, international relations, humanities, social studies and the environment. The lectures are delivered in English by professors from universities that belong to Yonsei University's powerful international academic network. Students from all over the world, especially Asia and North America, go to study in this international environment. According to their interests, students take two or three courses.

Whichever university program is selected, students can also attend Korean language classes. In addition to the lectures, various activities are on offer, which will give the chance to interact with Korean students.

Number of Participants by academic year

Program 2015 2014 2013
Korea Summer Program 5 8 15

Hong Kong Summer Program

Students attend either 5 weeks at International Summer School July Session or 3 weeks at at International Summer School August Session at the Chinese university of Hong Kong. The credits earned are recognized as part of the credit unit requirements for graduation from ICU.

Number of Participants by academic year

Program 2015 2014 2013
Hong Kong Summer Program 3 - -

ACUCA Program

Cross-cultural exchange with students from eight countries and regions in Asia.

ACUCA (Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia) was established for mutual cooperation among Christian institutions of higher education. Members of ACUCA comprise more than 50 universities from eight countries and regions (Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand). Among the member institutions, it is possible for ICU students to study for one semester in spring or autumn at 15 universities in five countries.

Number of Participants by academic year

Program 2015 2014 2013
ACUCA Program 0 2 2

International Service Learning

Serving the people in the global community

Service Learning provides students with an opportunity to apply their classroom learning to communities, and to gain experiential knowledge through interacting with people. ICU has formed a collaborative network of the International Service Learning programs with a number of partner universities and institutions in Asia, such as China, Korea, India and Southeast Asian countries. "Service" can take place in a variety of NGOs, NPOs, and public institutions in local communities. Students can also explore new service sites that meet their interests. Working in development, education, health service and social welfare, each student can pursue his or her interests in the global field.

Number of Participants by academic year

Program 2014 2013 2012
International Service Learning 27 54 42