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Students from South Africa's University of the Free State visit ICU

January 13, 2015

From January 6 (Tues.) to January 17 (Sat.), five students from South Africa's University of the Free State (UFS) are staying at ICU through the Leadership for Change Program. This short-term program sponsored by UFS aims to cultivate future campus leaders who promote exchange that goes beyond race and has welcomed its third year.

On January 7 (Wed.), the program commenced with a tour of the ICU campus led by Dean of International Affairs Shaun K. Malarney. Participants visited sites such as Taizan-so, which has been designated a tangible cultural property of Japan. Among their remarks were: "Japan is very beautiful. I would like to learn as much as possible during my stay here."; "The natural beauty the ICU campus is remarkable, and the diverse environment is very pleasant." The students showed a willingness to engage in various future activities.