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An international symposium titled "The role of science education in liberal arts" was held

June 10, 2015

On May 23 (Sat) , an symposium titled "The role of science education in liberal arts" was held at ICU as the part of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture's "Go Global Japan (GGJ) Project". Around 65 people joined this event, including the faculty and staff at universities granted the Top University Project, Go Global Japan Project, Middle School and High School, and Students from ICU.

There was an introduction about how the recent popularity of Liberal Arts studies, as well as the understanding of Liberal Arts at ICU. Later, we were delighted to welcome Prof. Carolyn Newton, provost at one of our partner schools, the College of Wooster (Ohio, USA), which is also a Liberal Arts college that has Natural Science majors. Prof. Newton gave a lecture about how Liberal Arts are understood in the US, and also about the efforts and progress of the College of Wooster. In her lecture, she mentioned the number of students who earned a Doctor's degree at a Liberal Arts college is higher than Non-Liberal Arts Universities.

Following this, Mr. Kazuo Kitahara professor emeritus of ICU and professor of Tokyo University of Science talked about the relations between Natural Science education and Liberal Arts education, and the role of Liberal Arts education in the cultivation of the values that lies in the root of researches.

At the end of this event, Professor Ken Okano (Major: Physics and Environment Studies) from ICU introduced the course content of Natural Science Education at ICU, and based on the lectures, a panel discussion was held with these three professors, including two of ICU's students. An active discussion was held during this symposium, as it enabled us to reconfirm the importance of "interactions" that surpasses the differences of science and arts. There were comments from high school teachers such as "This enabled me to think about the importance of non-science major students learning about science", and "Listening to this made me think that I don't want to make High School students choose between science and art at such an early stage, and narrow their views."