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Further Expansion of English Proficiency

The information on this page is as of 2016.

English Liberal Arts (ELA) Program
Acquiring academic English proficiency and critical thinking skills.

Students are placed in one of four different levels (Streams 1 to 4) depending on their English ability. Students with relatively strong English proficiency when they enter ICU are able to take shorter and more intensive courses, while students who require more study at a steadier pace are offered diverse opportunities for guidance and practice. The skills developed through ELA, such as making presentations, listening to lectures, and building vocabulary, are not only for learning English, but also for building the foundations of becoming a college student.

By tackling such topics as bioethics and intercultural communication, students develop their ability to think critically and analytically by reading the relevant literature, engaging in discussions and writing essays. Since all classes are conducted in English, students will naturally develop the English skills essential for effective communication and academic work.

In the final term of ELA, students take a course on learning how to write an academic research paper (Research Writing). Students gather research information on a topic that is of interest to them, and under tutorial guidance they write a paper on that subject in English.

Teaching is conducted in small groups, and the emphasis is on communication and discussion with other students and teachers. ELA is an important introduction to the liberal arts as it stimulates students' academic interests and encourages them to become independent learners.