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Farewell Party for AY2014 International Students Held

June 19, 2014

On June 13, 2014 (Fri.), a farewell party for international students studying at ICU since September 2013, completing their study abroad programs in June 2014, and returning to their home countries, was held.

Junko Hibiya, President, and Tatsuo Nunoshiba, Professor and Dean of Students, were in attendance. The party began with Shaun K. Malarney, Professor and Dean of International Affairs; Christopher Bondy, Associate Professor and Japan Studies Major Coordinator; and Yushi Inaba, Senior Associate Professor and Director, International Educational Exchange, giving messages celebrating the completion of students' study abroad programs. Then there were pleasant talks, and the mood was a congenial one.

Afterwards, four international student representatives gave speeches. In their speeches, various thoughts were voiced, such as "When I arrived in Japan, I could not speak a word of Japanese, but now I can speak in Japanese with my Japanese friends after studying for a year. I am happy about this more than anything"; "After graduation, I will continue my studies at a graduate school in my home country, but some day I would like to become an English teacher in Japan"; and "Even after I return to my home country, I would like to value my relationships with the friends I met in Japan." Some students spoke words of gratitude to educational and general staff while shedding tears.

The party ended with words of encouragement from Kazumi Tanaka, Professor and Director, Japanese Language Programs, but there were those who continued to talk with friends, educational staff, and general staff thereafter.