Every Day is “Global” at ICU.

Global ICU



Live Globally

In the morning mist,

breathe in the cool air.

When waking up early,

take a short walk.

A new day is about to begin.

Somewhere in the world,

the sun is casting its rays on the earth.

And elsewhere,

the shades of night begin to fall.

Feeling the world that way is

perfectly normal here.

ICU is international when I see so many people,
from whichever background or origin,
talking and exchanging and having good time altogether,
and using so many languages.

Clara Chalhoub (France)

From every corner of the campus,
you could observe how people of ICU embrace diverse daily exchanges
and willing to learn from them intellectually.

Subin Cho (Korea)

ICU has left me with a very global impression.
All interactions transcend nationalities and embrace the best of causes.
Everyone here is blessed with tremendous empathy.

Sindhuja Sivalinga Rajan (India)

A great way to feel a mix of cultures in
ICU beyond the classroom
is to go with other international students
to a Japanese bath and enjoy hot water
with Japanese people.

Nadezhda Sumskaia (Russia)

When I walk in the ICU campus,
I can hear conversations in different languages and
see smiling faces with different complexion.

Xiong Mengxue (China)

I feel as if I am getting to know about the world throughout only one campus.

Louis Martinez (Mexico)

During class we can get to know many different perspectives due to
the many different cultures.

Kevin Willmann (Germany)

Dialogue in ICU classes transcends various
boundaries such as race, nationality, and language.

Shinya Oguma (Japan)

Every Day is

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