Every Day is “Global” at ICU.

Global ICU

Establish Admission Systems Open to Prospective Students Around the World


More student diversity

Since 1955, ICU has always welcomed students who studied in the Japanese education system in April and those who studied abroad in September. However, as globalization has advanced, more students entering in April require Japanese language study, and a growing number of September enrollees need to improve their English language skills. That is why ICU is introducing admission systems which allow students to choose to enter in either April or September, depending on their linguistic and educational background.


We have expanded our admissions systems.

To attract a wider range of students, we have introduced Universal Admissions.

Universal Admissions

April September
Admission conducted
in Japanese
  • April Admissions for Returnees
  • EJU Based Admissions (April Entry)
  • EJU Based Admissions (September Entry)
Admission conducted
in English
  • English Language Based Admissions(April Entry)
  • English Language Based Admissions(September Entry)

For details, refer to the Admissions Center website.

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