Every Day is “Global” at ICU.

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Improving teaching support for faculty


Further improving the quality of liberal arts education

The Center for Teaching and Learning provides detailed study and education support, helping faculty to manage classes more effectively through faculty development and information and communications technologies.

Daily consideration is given to what kind of support instructors need to help them manage their classes, and by helping faculty improve their IT skills and their classes, educational quality rises even higher.


Expanding the breadth of educational support

To assist Japanese faculty who teach specialized courses in English, in the 2016 academic year, we launched a program in which these faculty are sent to attend an English Medium Instruction (EMI) seminar to learn about specific innovative methods for teaching in English.

Also, to facilitate flipped classroom methods, in which the faculty records and uploads videos for students to watch before class so that class time can be devoted to discussion and other active learning, we have expanded our workshops and individual support for faculty regarding recording environment and methods.

We also conduct workshops on how to use learning management systems and, by sharing resources and videos on a range of media, we are endeavoring to achieve efficient classroom management and the improvement of education quality.