Build an integrated academic support framework

Enhancing the specialized learning support framework with the establishment of the new Center for Teaching and Learning, and making support easier.

In order for each and every student to become a global citizen, they must be provided with high-quality education and a learning support system that can respond to their various needs and issues. ICU has already established a number of specialized support offices to aid students in a variety of ways. These include that helping students as they formulate their plans of study, providing advice on writing papers and reports and the providing learning support for students with special needs.

The functions these offices provide has been consolidated in 2015 with the establishment of the Center for Teaching and Learning. This center will make it easier for students to obtain support.This center will make it easier for students to obtain support, and as all of a student's needs and issues can be responded to in a single place, ICU will be able to provide increased support in a more timely way.

Increased utilization of ICT to improve educational quality

The Center for Teaching and Learning will increase the use of information and communications technology (ICT) to improve educational quality more than ever before.

ICU is enhancing on-campus study space and content not only in the classroom environment but for self and group study as well, and providing support for its use.

For example, ICU-TV will broadcast a variety of video-based guidance for classes and studying, seminars, and other video content for on-campus viewers. It can be used in a broad variety of ways. It allows students to confirm content they may have missed in class, can serve as a reference in selecting a major and formulating a study plan, and can help students confirm information for guidance programs they may not have been able to participate in.

The system also allows students to learn lecture content in advance to save limited class time for discussion and group work, making it possible for students to learn in a more active way.