Japanese and English, plus one additional language.

How the World Speaks Language - The 2 + 1 Program


ICU's liberal arts education is built upon a bilingual foundation of Japanese and English, but students have been able to take courses of World Languages in six other languages from around the world - German, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Korean. To those six, we recently introduced three more: Arabic, Indonesian and Italian. We are not only expanding our language education programs, we are also helping cultivate people who are able to speak the world's languages through the 2 + 1 Program. The program is designed to help students learn Japanese and English, plus one additional language.

"World Languages" are courses of three to six classes per week, which provides students with an intensive learning experience. More than half of our instructors are native speakers, making it possible for students to learn these tongues as "living languages," and ICU also offers a number of study abroad programs through which students can practice what they have learned in a native setting.

Language is strength, and learning a language helps us learn about ourselves and others. Learning a new language can facilitate business transactions, diplomacy, and international communication. By learning another language on top of English and Japanese, students are brought into contact with other culture and way of thinking, which increases their critical thinking skills, and helps them see and think with a broader perspective. Learning the languages of the world lies at the very heart of education in the 21st century .