Build flexible language programs to better respond to the linguistic background of every student

Towards language education programs that meet the linguistic needs of every student

Students enter ICU in April or September. Until now, April entrants would study English through the English for Liberal Arts Program (ELA), and September entrants would enter the Japanese Language Programs (JLP) to study Japanese. However, the continued globalization of society around the world has led to an increase in student diversity, with more students who need to improve Japanese in April or English in September.

For this reason, ICU has decided to provide the language programs with more flexibility such that students can take English or Japanese whether they begin in April or September. The ELA program will be offered not only to April entrants but also to those September entrants who need to improve their command of English. In the same way, the JLP will be offered in September, but also in April for those students who need to improve their Japanese proficiency.