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Alternative Requirements for the National Examinations and SAT/ACT Scores in the English Language Based Admissions for the 2022 September EntryUpdate: 2021.9.17

Applying to ICU in English
(English Language Based Admissions)

Those who apply to ICU in English undergo a documentary screening process. Admission decisions are made holistically and are based on a number of factors, including academic transcripts, standardized test scores, application essays, and letters of recommendation. For more details, make sure to check the Admissions Guide below.

Language Programs for Bilingual Liberal Arts:
At ICU, both Japanese and English are the languages of instruction. Therefore, students are required to be proficient in both languages. For this purpose, degree-seeking students must complete either the Japanese Language Programs (JLP) or English for Liberal Arts Program (ELA) as part of their graduation requirements at ICU. Those entering ICU through English Language Based Admissions are required to take Japanese Language Programs (JLP).

Online Application System
(For Undergraduate Degree-Seeking / Non-Degree Students)

*The online application system for AY2022 September Entry will open in January 2022 (See Application Schedule).
*Applicants for September 2021 Entry can access to the Online Application System from here.
*Summer Courses in Japanese (available in December 2021)

  • Applicants for degree-seeking students (Regular (First-Year) / Transfer Students) and applicants for non-degree students (One-Year-Regular students / Kenkyusei (Special Students)) follow the same online procedure (See the steps below). For details of each categories, visit the following webpage and find out if you are eligible to apply:
    Student Categories and Their Eligibility Criteria
  • Those who are interested in applying to ICU in Japanese should visit the following webpage to learn more:
    Applying to ICU in Japanese

Steps to Apply

STEP 1: Choose your application period
You can choose to matriculate in April or September.
Application Schedule
STEP 2: Prepare application documents
Start arranging documents from your school and testing institutions well in advance.
Required Application Documents
STEP 3: Submit your application via the Online Application System
STEP 4: Submit all required application documents
  • Upload required application documents onto the Online Application System
  • Two letters of recommendation attached to the designated FORMs must be sent by postal mail to ICU Admissions Center.
    [Mailing Address] Admissions Center, International Christian University, 3-10-2, Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo 181-8585, JAPAN.
  • Designated FORMs for Letter of Recommendation

Those who do not hold Japanese nationality must have or obtain valid residence status in Japan to enroll in ICU. Even if you complete the required entrance procedure after receiving a notification of acceptance from ICU, if you fail to obtain valid residence status in Japan, you will not be allowed to enroll in ICU. Even if ICU applies to the Immigration Services Agency of Japan for the Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) on your behalf, ICU assumes no responsibility for the results of the CoE application.

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