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Aki Yuki 
Co-founder, COO of Ory Lab Inc.
2012 B.A. in Arts and Sciences (major in economics)

The OriHime business requires knowledge in both the arts and sciences

Entered ICU's College of Liberal Arts in April 2008.

As a first-grade student Ms. Yuki conducted a study of snails, observing in detail such aspects as the number of eggs they lay, the effects of different food on their growth, and their heartbeats. For this study she received first prize in the elementary school division of the Natural Science Observation Contest. When she was in high school she did research on fluid dynamics, receiving both the Minister for Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's award and the YKK special award in the 2006 Japan Science and Engineering Challenge for her project on the occurrence of air poles in flowing water. Ms. Yuki qualified to participate in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), a global venue where high school students who have won local competitions come from around the world to present their research projects, but fell ill from tuberculosis shortly before the competition and had to be hospitalized for an extended period. The following year she further developed her research on air poles and participated in ISEF, where she received a Grand Award.

While at ICU, Ms. Yuki took part in the Asian Science Camp, which is held with the participation of Nobel laureates and globally renowned scientists as speakers, and received a Bronze Award. As a 3rd year student she took advantage of the exchange program to go study at the University College London. During that time she entered various contests including Waseda University's manufacturing program, the Entrepreneur Grand Prix, and the Campus Venture Grand Prix together with Mr. Kentaro Yoshifuji. The two won top awards for their demonstrations of OriHime. After graduating from ICU, Ms. Yuki established Ory Lab Inc. in 2012 with Mr. Yoshifuji as CEO and Mr. Yoshifumi Shiiba as CTO.