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Times Higher Education Japan University Rankings 2018


ICU was ranked 16th overall and fourth among private universities in Japan.

While the World University Rankings focus on "research excellence," the inaugural Japan University Rankings consist of four broad "pillars"―"resources," "engagement," "outcomes," and "environment"―and 13 individual performance metrics to provide overall evaluations of education at universities in Japan.

This year, ICU was ranked third overall for the "environment" pillar, which consists of four metrics, namely the proportion of international students, the proportion of international faculty, the proportion of Japanese students who are studying abroad, and the proportion of courses taught in a language other than Japanese. In addition, ICU received an extremely high rating for the "engagement" pillar, which was based on a survey that asked careers advisors in high schools about their impressions on "global talent development" and "student ability development" at universities.

The overall results of the Times Higher Education Japan University Rankings 2018 and details regarding the performance metrics are available on the following website.


2019 University Rankings Asahi Weekly Shingaku Mook

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2019 Asahi Weekly Shingaku Mook University Rankings by Asahi Shimbun Publications

※ Uploaded with permission from Asahi Shimbun Publications
※ Ranking among private universities estimated by ICU

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