Open Campus

We will offer various types of programs including lecture demonstrations, campus tour, individual consultation on admissions, etc. at the Open Campus. Participants will also have an opportunity to interact with ICU students, faculty and staff to get more ideas about what it is like to be a student at ICU.

DATE: Saturday, July 21st, August 11th, and 18th, 2018

TIME: 10:00-16:00

Open Campusエントリーはこちらから(日本語)(Japanese version only)

NOTE: ELA Lecture demonstrations are not applicable for prospective students coming through documentary screening in English.

For non-Japanese speakers:
Please e-mail to and let us know,

Subject: ICU Open Campus
(1) Your Name
(2) Your School Name/Affiliation, Country
(3) Number of participants coming with you
(4) Date you would like to join (July 21st, August 11th, or August 18th)
(5) For those who would like to join (A) or (B) of the following programs, please let us know your preffered time slot of the session

Schedule of Lecture Demonstration given in English

July 21st 
11:05-11:50, 14:05-14:50

'Warp Drives and Time Machines: Science Fiction and Interdisciplinary Research'
by Prof. Simons, Christopher (Literature)

11:05-11:50, 14:05-14:50
(A) Talk Session with the Vice President 'What do we mean by a Global University?'
by Dr. Williams, Mark, Vice President for International Academic Exchange
(The session will be conducted in English and Japanese, Capacity: 20 persons, Pre-sign up required)
->Sorry, registration for this session is now closed. We have reached full capacity.

August 11th 
11:05-11:50, 14:05-14:50

'The Multilingual World'
by Prof. Maher, John C. (Linguistics)

12:05-12:50, 14:05-14:50
'Language: Signed versus Spoken'
by Prof. Quay, Suzanne (Language Education)

August 18th 
11:05-11:50, 14:05-14:50

'From Number Crunching to Artificial Intelligence'
by Prof. Pichl, Lukas (Information Science)

12:05-12:50, 15:05-15:50
(B)'Information Science Lab Tour: Small exposition of old hardware devices and information on the major'
by Prof. Pichl, Lukas (Information Science)
(Capacity: 35 persons, Pre-sign up required, It is recommended to take the above model lecture 'From Number Crunching to Artificial Intelligence' before this lab tour.)
->Sorry, registration for lab tour is now closed because we have reached full capacity.

11:05-11:50, 15:05-15:50
'Why is so Japanese politics so strange?'
by Prof. Vosse, Wilhelm M. (Politics and International Relations)

11:05-11:50, 14:05-14:50
'The Global Ethics of Everyday Meals'
by Prof. Malarney, Shaun K. (Anthropology)

12:05-12:50, 14:05-14:50
'What Do I Want? Understanding Human Desire'
by Prof. Alberg, Jeremiah L. (Philosophy and Religions)

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