Refer to this page for a basic outline of the university, public relations information, and other ICU-related information.

Commitments and History

These pages outline the commitments and history of ICU.

Office of the President

Learn more about the ICU president and administrators.

University Data

These pages feature data on ICU education, research, finances, and more.


Access information on the ICU organization, a list of administrative staff, and more.

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar covers important ICU events and scheduling information, including the Matriculation Ceremony, Commencement Ceremony, and class schedules.

Stories; Students, Faculty, Alumni

Find out what makes ICU special through these video and print interviews with current students, alumni, faculty members, and more.

Public Relations

For pamphlets and public relations materials on admissions, follow these links.

Giving to ICU

Information on ICU fundraising.

Grant Research

Learn more about projects selected to receive grants from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Logo/The ICU Song

Get more information on the ICU logo, and song.

Campus Map

View a map of the spacious ICU campus-13 times the size of the Tokyo Dome-and get directions to the University.


These pages cover ICU's efforts to improve its educational strengths and provide support for students with disabilities.