Open to Society

Open to Society

While its students take part in social service activities in Japan and overseas, ICU also works as an institution to share its intellectual resources with and benefit the community by offering open lectures, holding special exhibits at the campus museum, and sponsoring organ performances at the University Chapel.

Service Learning

Service Learning is an educational program that lets students take part in social service activities for a given period to apply what they have learned in an actual service setting and make new insights into their individual academic efforts and future plans. Students earn credits by first taking a sequence of classes in International Service Learning, Community Service Learning, and other topics and then doing service work.

ICU Hachiro Yuasa Memorial Museum

In addition to regular exhibitions, the Museum offers special exhibitions three times a year and holds open lectures, as well.

ICU Sacred Music Center

The Sacred Music Center holds organ concerts, Christmas concerts, organ workshops and other events.

Lifelong Learning

Established in April 1988, Lifelong Learning lectures echo the university's founding spirit in offering the kind of academic content that ICU specializes in.

University Open Lectures for Mitaka Citizens (auditing options for local residents)

ICU opens some of tis classes to members of the local community. (For the citizens of Mitaka, there is a subsidy from the city office.)

Mitaka Network University Website

This program started in 2005 through a joint effort uniting multiple educational institutions, research institutions, and the Mitaka government. By making academic resources open to the public and working to meet the intellectual needs of the local community, this program aims to create a "community university" with education and learning functionality, research and development functionality, and networking functionality through the cooperation of civic, academic, industrial, and public groups.

Global Leadership Studies (GLS)

Global Leadership Studies (GLS) at ICU, is designed for business people from Japanese and International companies and aims at developing knowledge-based critical thinking, intercultural social skills and an understanding of events and changes in economic, social, scientific and political arenas. It's all in English and a residential program during the summer.