Campus Life & Career

Campus Life & Career

See how you can live a fuller student life, and how ICU supports students explore their career.

Campus Life

A Year as an ICU Student

Take a look at a year in the life of an ICU student.

Tuition & Aid

Learn about entrance fees, tuition expenses, scholarships, and financial aid.


This page profiles ICU's Student Dormitories and provides information on other housing options for students.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Students can participate in a wide variety of active, --from culture-oriented organizations to sports clubs.

Bilingual Campus

Student Support

ICU is determined to do whatever it can to help students going through anxiety, mental issues, or physical problems.

Info for Living in Japan

Access links to wealth of important information for living in Japan, including study abroad procedures.

Museum Discounts

ICU students are eligible for a wide variety of discounts and benefits at affiliated museums and galleries. Take full advantage!

Stories; Students, Faculty, Alumni

Current students introduce the campus life at ICU.



Get information on the jobs and further schooling ICU graduates have gone on to.

Career Support

ICU offers a wide range of support for students looking to find jobs.

Stories; Students, Faculty, Alumni

Watch movies featuring advice from actual ICU students and alumni on career options.