Career Support

The whole campus is a "career center"

ICU believes that all self-motivated learning and experience at university contributes to students' careers after graduation. In exploring their career paths potentials, students are offered support from a variety of sources: not only faculty, staff and other members of ICU community, but also senior students who have already decided their paths after graduation, and alumni registered as Career Supporters.


Career Supporters: ICU is recruiting alumni who can support the career paths of current students through participation in various events, seminars, and accepting visits from current students.

In the above environment, ICU offers comprehensive career support employing two different approaches: Career Development Support directed at all students, and Job Seekers' Support directed at students seeking employment.

Career Development Support
Support that only a small university can provide

ICU offers career development support that takes full advantage of its characteristics as a small university.

The three objectives of career development support

  1. To give students an accurate picture of what "working" means and how society functions;
  2. To help students understand their industries of choice based on accurate information, not on preconceptions or stereotypical images;
  3. To give students a clear idea of how they can use their university studies in the real world, motivating them to reaffirm and apply their own experience of learning and campus life.

Features of career development support

  1. Diverse consultation channels to meet student needs
    ICU considers the entire campus to be a career support center where each member of the community - from faculty and students having secured contracts, to alumni - offers various support for the individual needs of the students.

  2. ICU Placement Week
    An ICU Placement Week (an on-campus industry research seminar) is held, taking advantage of the fall break (late Nov.-early Dec.). Approximately 100 leading companies from various industries visit the ICU campus to carry out seminars targeting students in all grades. For those students preparing to start their job hunt, it serves as part of their industry/company research, while for freshmen and sophomores, it offers an opportunity to envision their future career path.

  3. Dialogue-oriented classroom environment
    The majority of classes at ICU embrace interactive discussion and dialogue, rather than one-way lectures. Students share their ideas, encounter new values and ideas through dialogue with instructors and classmates, learn to appreciate diverse viewpoints and refine their own opinions. The Service Learning program is another unique feature of learning at ICU, allowing students to apply what they have learned on campus in actual social settings. Through such diverse experience from day to day, students learn to take the initiative for carving out their own future. Each year, around 70% of ICU graduates go on to employment and 20% to further education. The rest await the results of certification examinations or admission applications to graduate schools outside Japan, or continue seeking employment with a long-term view.

Job Seekers' Support

ICU offers a wide range of support throughout the year to enable each student to pursue career path selections and job-hunting activities in a productive manner and to excel in their fields of choice.

Features of Job Seekers' Support

  1. Individualized consultations for registered job seekers
    Taking advantage of the small number of students on campus, ICU provides individualized consultations for registered job seekers and offers varied support tailored to the personality and needs of each student.

  2. A Range of Events to Support Job Seekers
    Throughout the year, ICU regularly holds various seminars and guidance activities to support students in their job hunt. These events are held during lunchtime or after the final class period to ensure that they do not conflict with classes.

  3. Advising Session organized by students who have secured employment / enrollment
    Every year, a group of students called Career Advisors, who have already chosen their paths after graduation, organizes an event called the Advising Session with 100 Students with Job Offers or Acceptance Letters to give counsel and answer questions from students planning their job search or graduate study applications. In an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, Career Advisors offer support to their juniors based on the perspectives and experiences they share as ICU students.

  4. Attentive job-seeking support from alumni
    A group of alumni called Career Supporters is on standby to help students who wish to talk about their job search with ICU graduates. The ICU Alumni Association also hosts job-seeking consultation sessions several times a year, in which graduates offer information on industries, companies and job descriptions and hold mock interviews.

  5. Global placement support
    The Japan ICU Foundation (JICUF) based in New York, USA, offers the Global Link internship program in New York City for ICU students. Eighteen overseas branches of the ICU Alumni Association also provide support to students on various occasions. The employment rate (number of graduates securing employment divided by number of those seeking employment) is over 90% every year. ICU graduates have the ability to make comprehensive judgements, to think creatively, and to deploy advanced language skills. Capable of addressing the needs of a borderless and rapidly-changing society, ICU graduates have found employment in a wide range of industries, particularly with global companies.

Support Events

Support events held in the 2016 academic year

ICU operates a variety of career development and job seeker support events tailored to the needs of each individual student.

Career Development Support Events (for all students)

May 10 Internships Guidance
June 27 Explanation of RECRUIT Career Assessment Program and"Strengths"self-assessment test
October 11 Seminar: Civil service careers
November 8 Guidance for CAREER DESIGN WEEK
November 28 - December 1 CAREER DESIGN WEEK
December 10 Advising session with ICU alumni
December 20 Nikkei Telecom 21 workshop (using the database on business)
January 31 Information session about national civil service careers
February 7 Seminar: Careers in teaching
February 14 Seminar: Careers in foreign-owned companies

Job Seekers' Support Events (for students seeking employment)

May 31 Job-hunt Guidance: The process of job-hunting and the latest employment trends
June 7 Job-hunt Guidance for students back from abroad and bilingual students
September 6 Job-hunt Guidance
September 13 Self Analysis Seminar
September 20 Job-hunt Guidance for June graduates (mainly for those who enrolled in September)
September 27 - 28 Registration of career preferences
October 4 Seminar "How to become an International Civil Servant"
October 18 First debriefing session by students with job offers
November 1 Second debriefing session by students with job offers
November 22 First SPI3 mock exam and follow-up seminar / mock vocational aptitude test and follow-up seminar
December 2 Advising Session with 100 Students with Job Offers or Acceptance Letters
January 10 SPI3 information session, hosted by the developer
January 17 Information session for students starting job-hunting (1): Industry research and how to read job advertisements
January 21 Second SPI3 mock exam and follow-up seminar / mock general knowledge test and follow-up seminar
January 24 Information session for students starting job-hunting (2): Mental preparation and etiquette for the selection process
February 21 Guidance for participants in PLACEMENT WEEK*
March 6 - 15 PLACEMENT WEEK*

In addition to the above, TOEIC institutional testing is available on a request basis to students at all year levels.

★PLACEMENT WEEK refers to a week during spring break when a variety of seminars and lectures are held in an efficient and intensive format to raise students'awareness of job-hunting.
Major events held are the joint on-campus job fair (114 participating companies and organizations) and information sessions operated by job information providers.

・Career consultations are held throughout the year. (Reservation required.)
・An e-mail magazine is also sent periodically to registered job-seekers.

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