Bringing People Together, Serving the World

Thank you for considering ICU for your college education. There are several clear advantages to choosing ICU. First, we offer an excellent liberal arts education with an international perspective. ICU has been ranked as Japan's top private university for three consecutive years in the Times Higher Education's Japan University rankings. Second, at ICU you will learn to communicate effectively in Japanese and in English. This skill will allow you to serve as a competent bilingual person in both the professional and academic world. Third, you will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of academic disciplines. (ICU offers 31 majors in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and interdisciplinary studies). Fourth, ICU aims to instill leadership characteristics in our students by providing a creative, rational, and ethical education.

Yoshito Ishio, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts

The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced our awareness that we live in a globally interconnected society that needs solutions to its many problems. More than ever, we need vigorous leaders who can develop and implement creative, rational, and ethical solutions to address global challenges. Thus, by taking advantage of these opportunities at ICU, you will be able to meet the challenges of this global era.

As an international university, ICU seeks excellent students from all over the world. Your unique educational and cultural background will contribute to our diverse campus community, and you will benefit from interacting with students and faculty members who are also unique and diverse.

An ICU education opens doors to a variety of international careers and advanced educational opportunities. Furthermore, your time at ICU will spark a desire and curiosity to be a lifelong learner. Thus ICU will help you prepare not simply for a career but also for a meaningful life of learning. I hope that you will consider applying to ICU

Admissions Policy: What ICU Looks For

Founded on the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Christian University aims to cultivate "responsible global citizens" who will contribute to world peace and to help people from diverse backgrounds live together harmoniously. ICU has been a pioneer in liberal arts education in Japan since its founding in 1953 and, as its name suggests, its international, Christian, and academic missions have been central to its vision of liberal arts. In order to pursue this vision and to meet the challenges posed by the rapidly changing global society we live in, ICU seeks students not only from Japan but from all over the world who possess the following qualities:

  • Intellectual curiosity and creativity that transcend disciplinary boundaries
  • Sound judgment based on powers of logical, critical thinking
  • Global communication skills necessary for dialogue with people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds
  • Self-motivated individuals who identify, solve, and engage real world problems

Our goal is to admit, irrespective of nationality, students who have studied a wide range of subjects and who possess the core competencies to integrate basic knowledge and foreign language skills to actively engage in a liberal arts education. ICU offers a variety of admissions procedures for applicants who seek to change both themselves and the world.

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