3-10-2 Osawa, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 181-8585, Japan


When calling from outside Japan, remember to drop the first 0 and add the country code 81.
(e.g. +81-422-33-3038)

Undergraduate Admissions Admissions Center
Campus visit for prospective students Public Relations Office
Media Relations/University Homepage Public Relations Office
Graduate Admissions Graduate School Group
Career Services Placement Group
Transcripts & Academic Records Educational Affairs Group 0422-33-3054
Financial Aid Student Affairs Group
Housing Housing Office
International Educational Exchange International Office
Library Services Library
Support and Gifts to the ICU Advancement Office Friends of ICU

Extention Numbers

部署名 TEL
Academic Affairs Div. Educational Affairs Group 0422-33-3054
CLA Group 0422-33-3155
Faculty Development 0422-33-3639
Department of Health and Physical Education 0422-33-3295
Department of English for Liberal Arts Program 0422-33-3218
Department of Japanese Language Programs 0422-33-3191
GS Group 0422-33-3231
Rotary Peace Center 0422-33-3681
Student Services Div. Dean of Students 0422-33-3070
Student Affairs Group 0422-33-3068
Diffendorfer Memorial Hall 0422-33-3313
Sports Clubhouse 0422-33-3285
Placement Group 0422-33-3067
Housing Office 0422-33-3069
Counseling Center 0422-33-3499
Advancement Office Friends of ICU 0422-33-3041
Personnel Div. 0422-33-3014
Financial Affairs Div. 0422-33-3026
General Affairs Div. General Affairs Group 0422-33-3013
Lifelong Learning 0422-33-3013
Property Custodian & Purchasing Group 0422-33-3030
Security Group 0422-33-3110
Administrative Affairs Div. Director, University Secretariat 0422-33-3020
Administrative Affairs Group 0422-33-3020
Hachiro Yuasa Memorial Museum 0422-33-3340
Religious Center 0422-33-3323
Sacred Music Center 0422-33-3330
Health Care Office 0422-33-3119
International Office 0422-33-3117
Service Learning Center 0422-33-3687
Public Relations Office 0422-33-3040
International Office 0422-33-3117
Admissions Center 0422-33-3038
Center for Teaching and Learning Center for Teaching and Learning 0422-33-3364
Academic Planning Support 0422-33-3075, 0422-33-3516
Center for Research Planning and Support 0422-33-3017
Research Institutes and Centers Institute of Educational Research and Service 0422-33-3126
Social Science Research Institute 0422-33-3224
Institute for the Study of Christianity and Culture 0422-33-3100
Institute of Asian Cultural Studies 0422-33-3179
Peace Research Institute 0422-33-3187
Institute for Advanced Studies of Clinical Psychology 0422-33-3655
Psychological Consulting Services attached to IASCP 0422-33-3644
Center for Gender Studies 0422-33-3448
Research Center for Global Language Education 0422-33-3501
IT Center Computer Office 0422-33-3046
Library Director, Library 0422-33-3301
Technical Service Group 0422-33-3302
Public Service Group 0422-33-3306
Mildred Topp Othmer Library 0422-33-3668
Others Alumni Office 0422-33-3320
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