Study Abroad

Diverse programs for studying abroad for various learning goals

Ever since its foundation, ICU has been offering opportunities to numerous foreign students to study on its campus and to its students to receive higher education at prominent institutions around the world. Currently more than 450 ICU students study abroad a year and earn credits through its various overseas study programs with different locations and terms.

【Further Expansion of English Proficiency】 Study English Abroad (SEA) Program

Target: 1st and 2nd year

The Study English Abroad Program (abbr. SEA Program) is held during summer and is an intensive English training program.

【Learning Fields of Interest】 Summer Study Abroad Program

Target: 2nd year or above

These are short-term studying abroad programs held during summer. Students study specialized subjects in English, and / or students may also learn a second foreign language.

【Learning Fields of Interest / Making the Most of Study Abroad】 Other Types of Programs Held During Summer Break

Target: 2nd year or above

During summer, students may also participate in four-week "French Studies Abroad" and three-week "Overseas Teaching Practicum in Japanese", both of which are offered as part of ICU curriculum. Taking intensive courses in a foreign country and having intercultural interaction is sure to produce significant results.

【Making the Most of Study Abroad】 International Service-Learning

Target: 2nd year or above

Service-Learning is a program that allows students to make meaningful and practical contributions through experiences involving people from Japan and abroad. In International Service-Learning, which is part of this program, students participate in programs at partner universities and institutions in China, South Korea, Southeast Asia, India and Africa and engage themselves in voluntary activities to help local NGOs and public agencies.

【Furthering the Liberal Arts】 Exchange Program, Study Abroad Program

Target: 3rd year or above

Currently, ICU has international exchange agreements 75 universities in 25 countries/regions (as of February, 2020), a scope that gives one out of every four of ICU's 620 a year students have the opportunity to study abroad through an exchange program. Students may also participate in Study Abroad Program (sending students, non-exchange) operated by two organizations (nonprofit educational institutions IES and CIEE) offering 20 programs in 17 countries.

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