Announcement to Non-Japanese Students: Change to Application Brochure

Update:September 22, 2017

The current 'Special Note for Non-Japanese Students*' on page 21 of Application Brochure should be deleted because of the administrative reasons.
When you will file the documents to enter the university, you will be asked to let us know of a contact address in Japan, if any. We would like to know if you have someone in Japan who we can call in case of emergency. If there is no one you know in Japan, please be sure to let us know of the contact information on your parent/family at the time of submitting entrance documents to ICU. The contact information may be outside of Japan.

* Special Note for Non-Japanese Students:

Admitted students are requested to ask a person residing in Japan to be their guarantor**. Those who cannot find a guarantor in Japan and request that ICU serve as a guarantor are required to pay matriculation/admission fee, tuition and facilities fee for all three terms as advanced payment by the deadline of Matriculation/Admission Fee.

**The guarantor is responsible along with the student, for dealing with the exigencies of the situation in case of infraction of University rules or civil discipline.

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