Former U.N. Ambassador Motohide Yoshikawa gives commemorative lecture on arrival as distinguished professor

Update: April 12, 2017

Motohide Yoshikawa, an ICU alumnus and former Japanese ambassador to the United Nations, gave a commemorative lecture on Monday, April 10, on his arrival on campus to serve as a distinguished professor beginning this academic year. The lecture was part of his class on "Advanced Studies in International Relations."

Professor Yoshikawa fondly reminisced about two people who had a major influence on his life as a diplomat―his father and Takaaki Sueyoshi, an ICU alumnus who had graduated from the same high school ahead of him (the president of Shikoku Gakuin University at present). Looking back on the 42 years of his career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as a diplomat, he said, comments laced with humor at times, how useful his life at ICU was.

He also told the students, "The four years in college is a time to think about the future. I hope you will remain curious about many things and step up to various challenges without setting limits for yourself. And learn one more language besides Japanese and English. Learning languages will help you to expand your horizons."

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