Two ICU students win first, second prize at Raven Foundation contest

Update: April 25, 2017

First-prize winner Camaryn Yokota

First-prize winner Camaryn Yokota

Multiple students who were taking the class on Introduction to Christianity by Professor Jeremiah L. Alberg (Major: philosophy, religion, peace research) submitted their works for an undergraduate student contest for the artistic expression of Mimetic theory held by the Chicago-based Raven Foundation to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its founding. Two of these students won the first and second prizes for the outstanding artistic quality of their works.

The Raven Foundation has been carrying out a variety of activities to bring about lasting peace. It is trying to realize peace especially by spreading "Mimetic theory" advocated by the French philosopher and thinker Rene Girard.

Comments by Professor Alberg

I am very happy to hear that ICU students won the first and second prizes in the contest. I told the students in my class on Introduction to Christianity about this contest right after the autumn term (September‒November) began, and some of them stepped up right away to meet the challenge. In the end, 10 of these students participated in the contest. I thought, not for the first time, that ICU students have the spirit to challenge anything and everything, as well as the strong power of imagination and wonderful talent.

Comments by first-prize winner Camaryn Yokota (first-year student, College of Liberal Arts)

I had no idea I would win the first prize in the contest. I was both happy and surprised. In my work, I tried to express the thoughts of Rene Girard in a visual and creative fashion. I was able to enjoy the process of communicating information through images, not through words. I hope to rise to a variety of challenges in the future and spend a fulfilling college life.

You can see the prize-winning works on the Raven Foundation's website below:

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