Comprehensive cooperation agreement concluded with Sophia University

Update: May 24, 2018

On May 24 (Thurs), ICU and Sophia University concluded a Comprehensive Agreement on the Collaboration and Cooperation between International Christian University and Sophia University, for the purpose of mutual collaboration and cooperation by building on each other's characteristics and resources in education and research, to cultivate promising individuals and enhance education.

Upholding Christian spirit at their core and committed to the cultivation of students who will serve society, both ICU and Sophia University have driven the internationalization of Japanese universities since they were founded. The two universities, having high affinity for each other in terms of philosophy, educational ideals and in the areas of education and research, have engaged in faculty exchange and information sharing as well as research collaboration. The conclusion of this agreement is expected to accelerate further improvement in the educational and research quality and globalization of the two universities.

Upon concluding the Agreement, Sophia University President Yoshiaki Terumichi expressed his hopes for the future. "With declining birthrates, transformation of society and advancements in globalization coming all at once, Japanese universities are now facing a crucial stage. The two universities will together cooperate in improving the quality of education and research, attracting highly motivated students, and promoting further globalization by leveraging each other's resources. I hope to see synergy realized through collaboration between the two universities that have driven the internationalization of Japanese universities." Meanwhile, ICU President Junko Hibiya also stated her expectations for collaboration, "The two universities, sharing Christianity as their common roots, have promoted education and research to cultivate students who will serve society and have played central roles in driving the internationalization of Japanese universities. With the conclusion of the Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement, we hope to further strengthen sharing of resources and information as well as exchange of students and faculty and together nurture individuals who will truly contribute to the international society."

Activities planned under the agreement are as follows:
(1) Exchange of students (including graduate and international students) and faculty

  • Collaborate in educating students who wish to work in international organizations
    ICU students will be encouraged to take "International Civil Servants Training Seminar" and "English for International Civil Servants" jointly offered by Sophia University Center for Extension Programs and Human Resources Center for International Cooperation. ICU will consider recognizing credits earned through these courses.
  • The two universities will consider sending their students to participate in service-learning programs offered by the other university.

(2) Academic exchange and information sharing on education and research
ICU Social Science Research Institute and Sophia University Institute of Global Concern have been engaged in research exchange prior to the agreement. Exchange between the two institutions will be further promoted and events such as joint symposiums and seminars will be held in research areas with high affinity.

(3) Promotion of globalization
Will consider collaboration in Institutional Research (IR) as leading international universities.

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