Lecture Series by Global Corporate Executives by Mr. Kazuhiro Higashi, Chairman and Director of Resona Holdings, Inc.

Update: November 17, 2020

On Thursday, November 5th, an online lecture was held inviting Mr. Kazuhiro Higashi, Chairman and Director of Resona Holdings, Inc. (Banking business).

This was the second lecture presentation of the lecture series in the "Responsible Global Corporate Executives and Financial Professionals Training Program" of the graduate school that started in April 2019, as part of the general education course "Capitalism and Society" that Distinguished Professor Katsuhito Iwai teaches in the Business major at ICU. Approximately 90 students participated in the lecture.

In the lecture entitled "No. 1 Retail Bank: That's Our Goal -Our Challenge for Innovation, New Value Creation, and Corporate Governance as the Supportive System-," Mr. Higashi discussed the strategy and corporate governance of Resona Holdings, Inc., in taking on the challenges for innovation and creating new values, while sharing his own rich experiences he has gained throughout his career.

During the lecture, Mr. Higashi emphasized to the students that "The important thing is to question what is considered common practice within your own company, and to innovate from the viewpoint of the customers." He also explained that "Unexpected transfers in personnel may occur during one's corporate career, but each and every one of the experiences will become a part of who you are, and nothing in life is a waste. I encourage you to trust that the challenges that you currently face under the COVID-19 pandemic will also become nourishment for your future."

After the lecture, we received comments from students such as "The words of Mr. Higashi on how 'Money circulates like blood. A banks is what a heart is to a human body; its role is to pump and facilitate the circulation of money.' was impressionable," and "During the entire lecture, I felt the importance of sustaining a cooperative and clean structure rather than a self-centered one, in order for a company to survive for a long period of time."

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