ICU Christmas Card in 2017

Update:December 21, 2017

This year, we asked Mr. Daisuke Saito (Class of 2016) to design our Christmas card.

Mr. Daisuke Saito

Daisuke Saito graduated from ICU's College of Liberal Arts in 2016 with a BA in College of Liberal Arts (Art and Cultural Heritage.) After graduation, he transferred as a third-year student to Musashino Art University's Department of Science of Design (of the College of Art and Design) and is studying graphic design.

In 2016, while a student at ICU, Saito won the "19th CS Design Award (Student Division)" presented by Nakagawa Chemical Inc. His generative artwork "Archimedean Spirals" was displayed at the special exhibit "Beauty hidden in Mathematical Science" hosted by the Museum of Science of the Tokyo University of Science in 2016 and at the "2nd ISTA Biennale" hosted by the non-profit organization ISTA in 2017.


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