R eception for Donors to the Education and Research Fund Held

Update: December 18, 2019

The Reception for Donors to the Education and Research Fund for student guarantors who have donated to the fund was held on December 14, 2019 (Sat.), on the ICU campus. The event was hosted by ICU President and was attended by 76 guarantors.

The first session featured a special lecture titled "Rendaku, or sequential voicing: Japanese language as analyzed by hired foreigners " by Ms. Junko Hibiya, President of ICU, and the second session was set aside for discussions between the guarantors and the university trustees and faculty at the ICU Dining Hall, where they discussed the recent environment surrounding the university and learning at ICU.

Comments from the guarantors included, "It was fun listening to the lecture with a student mindset," "I felt at ease after hearing how the donations are being utilized for the students," "I was looking forward to Ms. Hibiya's talk and was amazed that she covered not only a topic that is quite interesting but also ICU's stance within that 40-minute slot," and "I had quite a comfortable time wrapped in the warm hospitality of everyone including the president."

A collection box was also set up for raising funds to support students affected by the many natural disasters that had occurred recently. We received warm support from many and would like to express our deep gratitude. We would like to request continued cooperation to the Education and Research Fund to enable us to maintain high quality, small-group education.

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