ICU Christmas Card in 2019

Update: December 23, 2019

This year, we asked Mr. Taku KOSUGI (Class of 2013) to design our Christmas card.

Taku KOSUGI, Japanese calligrapher

Taku KOSUGI was born in Kanuma City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. He is a graduate of Tochigi Prefectural Tochigi High School and International Christian University with a bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts. He learned Japanese calligraphy at a calligraphy school run by his grandmother and honed his calligraphic skills under Kando Kayashima and Kazuo Tsurumi. After working at Microsoft Japan Corporation, he started his career as a professional Japanese calligrapher. He lived in Paris from 2017 until 2018, lecturing on and performing Japanese calligraphy at universities and art museums in various countries. Now based in Tokyo, Kosugi has been engaged in a wide range of activities, including planning exhibitions and stage shows and offering designs to businesses.

His exhibitions, performances, and clients

Art for Thought (Ginza, Tokyo), L'Autre Thé (Paris), University of Venice (Venice), Sorbonne University (Paris), University of Vienna (Vienna), MAZDA France (Paris), the Embassy of Japan in Portugal (Lisbon), the Museum of the Orient (Lisbon), an orchestra called Musica Promenade (Tokyo and Iwate, Japan), Suntory Holdings Limited, Hachidaime Gihey Co., Ltd., Hizatsukiseika Co., Ltd. (Tochigi, Japan)

Major activities

2011 - Decided to pursue his career as a calligrapher after volunteering for people in the Tohoku region affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

2011 - Calligraphy performance at Sorbonne University in France and the University of Vienna in Austria

2014 - Exhibition "Dance of Writing, Music of Words" at Art for Thought in Ginza, Tokyo

2015 - Exhibition "Writing and Thought" at Art for Thought in Ginza, Tokyo

2016 - Exhibition "Waka poem and Japanese Sake" (Japanese sake restaurant Umebachee in Shibuya, Tokyo)

2016 - Performance with an orchestra Musica Promenade 13th Concert with Japanese Calligraphy at Koganei Miyajigakki Hall in Tokyo

2017 - Exhibition "In Seasons" at Art for Thought in Ginza, Tokyo

2017 - Exhibition "Calligraphe JAPONAIS" at Kishiume, an antique store, in Paris

2017 - Performance at University of Venice, in Italy

2018 - Calligraphy performance at the International Concept cars Festival in Paris

2018 - Exhibition "Nature" at L'Autre Thé, a tea shop, in Paris

2018 - Exhibition "Black and Words" at Art for Thought in Ginza, Tokyo

2018 - Performance at the Museum of the Orient in Lisbon

2018 - Stage Performance "Between Sound and Word" in Tochigi, Japan

2019 - Exhibition "Middle" at Art for Thought in Ginza, Tokyo

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