University Logo / The ICU Song

Concept of New University Logos

Vision of the university, new design representing the features of ICU

Our three educational visions, which are "to be a university where each person's potential is brought to fruition," "to be a university where each person discovers his or her calling" and "to be a university that continues to mature as it pursues its ideals," are put into the mission blue color and key message. In addition, a design reminiscent of rich nature, which is one of ICU's feature, is newly added to the logos. As for trees, a component of the design, each one of them has different designs, which represents that the university practices high quality liberal arts education, which places importance on individuals, as Japan's first liberal arts college.

Forming the brand image by placing the logos with the key message from the university

The key message from the university, "Expanding Potential," which contains a strong will as Japan's first liberal arts college to be a university where each student's and faculty member's potential is brought to fruition, is placed with the new university logos.

Guidelines / Things to Avoid

Individuals and groups who wish to use ICU logos are asked to familiarize themselves with the relevant usage guidelines and go through the proper channels for receiving the logo data. The university asks your cooperation with and understanding of its communications activities, which contribute to the enhancement of the ICU brand.

Usage Guidelines

Examples of How NOT to Show the University Logo

The ICU Song

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